Photographic Services

Outputs and Products  


The products of a digital photographic shoot can include the following, in black & white or in color: 

  •  images posted on an Internet website

  •  images posted to FTP site for downloads

  •  e-mailed images

  •  images on CDs or DVDs

  •  prints of various sizes


Included in the $1000.00 dayrate or $750.00 half dayrate that I charge for a photo shoot, is editing and publishing photographs or videos on an Internet website, sending them via text, email or mailing a CD or DVD.

I also charge for other output products.  Here are my prices:

  • Addtional CDs or DVDs (per CD or DVD) $25.00

  • prints: 24" x 36" commercially printed  (per print) $150.00

  • prints: 12" x 18" commercially printed  (per print) $75.00

  • prints: 10" x 15" commercially printed  (per print) $50.00

  • prints: 8" x 10" commercially printed  (per print) $20.00

  • prints: 5"x 7"  commercially printed (per print) *$10.00

  • prints: 4"x 6" commercially printed (per print) *$5.00


* $20.00 minimum order


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