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Linda and Laura's 50th Birthday Party
Hailey, Idaho ~ 17 March 2007
with fond and new memories..
Thursday, April 12, 2007

Linda and Laura turned 50 on March 15th. The Party was on March 17th. It was a great party with a band, a bar, lots of catered foods and 50 great friends. And well Elvis too. Held at a new lodge in Hailey {Sun Valley} Idaho


This is an image made of Linda during the Oregon Fair, before I knew of her twin sister Laura.

The Oregon Country Fair is not to be missed!

 Stopping by to see Linda at her store in Corvallis, Oregon

Linda is a new 'best friend' waiting to happen!

Hi friends,
Here is a picture of Norton Buffalo and me
at the Trail Creek tavern in Ketchum. He showed
up and played last night unannounced with my friends
the mini group Hat Trick also known as the 812 Band.
More pictures coming.

Love, Linda

Somebody's having way too much fun after turning 50!!

Keep on Rockin'
In The Free World

~ Linda and Laura ~
Thanks for being born!

     Carry You                 San Christos 
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